You want to be in constant contact with your existing followers by making shares actively on social media. Or, you want to increase the number of your followers by reaching new people who have never followed you before.

What do we do as a Social Media consultant?

If you do not have an account, we open a new account, if you do, we spend a few days in your current account and make general adjustments.

At the same time, our experts analyze other brands that do the same job as you. The moment we say “Now we are ready”, we make the planning for the next month. We plan the content so that we can interact with more people and get positive feedback. After the content is planned, graphic designs and content articles will be created and submitted for your approval.

If necessary, revisions are carried out, and from then on, you leave the rest to us… Now is the time to interact by sharing on the planned days during the month! We will constantly follow the accounts and when we see that you have received a response as a message or comment, we will inform you immediately and ensure that you give a quick response.